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Multiple resources in LWRPs

In my smartos_zones cookbook I have two different resource types but a single provider.

I wanted to highlight what I had to do to detect which was used.

I have a KVM and a Zone resource, in the provider’s load_current_resource I have:

  restype = get_restype
  @current_resource ||= restype.new(@new_resource.name)

Get restype looks like this:

def get_restype
  if @new_resource.resource_name.eql? :zone; return Chef::Resource::Zone; end
  if @new_resource.resource_name.eql? :kvm; return Chef::Resource::Kvm; end
  Chef::Application.fatal!("Couldn't find resource class")

Fairly simple, but took me a bit of messing around to get it to be right, hence a note about it.



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