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NullStack: Kick off of my skunk works project for Continuous VM Stack Madness

I’ve been working on a “skunk works” project for doing continuous deployments against OpenStack/VMware.

So far I have OpenStack integrated with VMware fairly well, networking leaves some stuff to be desired.

Next up in the chain is Rundeck.

I was playing with knife-openstack, but since it’s really a bootstrapping tool, and my setup isn’t fully playing nicely with DHCP yet, I needed something a bit more customizable. I decided to use Fog, the core library of knife-openstack.

After a bit of playing around, I was able to get Rundeck to execute my scripts with no issues, RVM kinda threw some things for me, but by using “Script file or URL” instead of “Local Command” I was able to get it running.

The ostack script I created can list single or all VMs and add or delete VMs. It’s still pretty basic, but it’s just part of chain of jobs I plan on using to create a VM, modify DNSMASQ, run Chef, and doing some sanity testing.

I’ll be throwing things into my Github as I go, code, notes, and whatnot.

Please post a few things here in the NullStack category when I get time.




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