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LINK: 10 DevOps Skills: Finding The Elusive DevOps Engineer

I just read this post by Joe Sanchez

10 DevOps Skills: Finding The Elusive DevOps Engineer

It’s a great post defining a DevOps Engineer and I really like the comment about paying more to get it right the first time instead of double or triple to do it again.

I think that’s great and applies to not only the DevOps guys, but Ops, Eng, QA and all the people in the build pipeline.

It really is worth paying a larger salary and getting people who can do things right the first time around, because the costs of having to redo work isn’t just the time for another person to do the work, but impact to customers when things fail, the stress on operations when things fail, the mad scramble in development to figure out what failed, and the desperate rush of QA to get the fix out the door.

Another good reason why you need DevOps, Keep Calm and Deploy Clean.



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