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JRuby Vagrant CentOS VirtualBox

My notes for creating a Vagrant CentOS VirtualBox for JRuby development. This setup uses PostgreSQL, Torque Box and Chef. NOTES: If you make a mistake and want to modify the box, you can do the following: Create the Virtualbox VM, but don’t add a disk Move the Vagrant box’s VMDK file: mv ~/.vagrant.d/boxes/jruby-centos65/0/virtualbox/box-disk1.vmdk ~/VirtualBox\ VMs/centos65/ … Continue reading

Open vSwitch init script for KVM/OpenStack

This is a script I use to setup Open vSwitch bridges for OpenStack on KVM. You will still need the normal Open vSwitch init script to load the kernel modules and the ifcfg scripts to setup the interfaces. This script should be run before the VM’s are started or the vnet’s won’t connect to the … Continue reading

Infiniband on Centos 6.3

KVM and OpenVSwitch on Centos 6.3 Minimal

These are my notes for installing KVM on Centos 6.3 minimal. Startup script for dealing with port forwarding for VM’s and Open vSwitch bridges.

Kicking Centos 6.3 KVM Guests

Simple script used to setup a KVM guest. Some of the prereqs for this are: Have a copy of centos/os/ARCH accessible from a web URL. This could be from a web site like kernel.org or a local copy( how I roll ). Have a kickstart file available from a web URL, again used a local … Continue reading