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JRuby Vagrant CentOS VirtualBox

My notes for creating a Vagrant CentOS VirtualBox for JRuby development. This setup uses PostgreSQL, Torque Box and Chef. NOTES: If you make a mistake and want to modify the box, you can do the following: Create the Virtualbox VM, but don’t add a disk Move the Vagrant box’s VMDK file: mv ~/.vagrant.d/boxes/jruby-centos65/0/virtualbox/box-disk1.vmdk ~/VirtualBox\ VMs/centos65/ … Continue reading

Multiple resources in LWRPs

In my smartos_zones cookbook I have two different resource types but a single provider. I wanted to highlight what I had to do to detect which was used. I have a KVM and a Zone resource, in the provider’s load_current_resource I have: Get restype looks like this: Fairly simple, but took me a bit of … Continue reading

Ruby Class method to test for truth

I needed to test for truth in a Ruby class in my Chef LWRP cookbook and I wanted to use the question mark (?). Simple way to do it in a resource library: Now in the provider I can do: … if @new_resource.jdk_reinstall? … This is just a snippet reminder, if someone wants more context … Continue reading

SmartOS Zones Cookbook

I just recently started a Chef Cookbook for Joyent SmartOS Zone creation. WIP can be found here Still have a few things to add to it, deleting zones, cleanup methods, multiple nic interface support, but it should create zones currently, still need to test the KVM resource. Any comments or code suggestions are welcomed.

DevOps Toolbox

Lately I’ve been doing more and more Chef cookbook development on my Mac. While some tools i’m still trying to get my head around (Berkshelf for one), I found this site: DevOps Toolbox Vagrant is a great tool for Dev, and I just love how easy it is to make VM’s. Since most of the … Continue reading

Chef-server 11 and RabbitMQ

Quick notes on how I got chef-server 11 to work against rabbitmq server (3.1.1-1) so I don’t forget. Chef-server 11 uses embedded services, unlike chef-server 10 where the services are externally managed. This is a very nice feature of chef-server 11 and the fact that it uses cookbooks to manage itself is pure genius on … Continue reading