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NullStack: Kick off of my skunk works project for Continuous VM Stack Madness

I’ve been working on a “skunk works” project for doing continuous deployments against OpenStack/VMware. So far I have OpenStack integrated with VMware fairly well, networking leaves some stuff to be desired. Next up in the chain is Rundeck. I was playing with knife-openstack, but since it’s really a bootstrapping tool, and my setup isn’t fully … Continue reading

Multiple resources in LWRPs

In my smartos_zones cookbook I have two different resource types but a single provider. I wanted to highlight what I had to do to detect which was used. I have a KVM and a Zone resource, in the provider’s load_current_resource I have: Get restype looks like this: Fairly simple, but took me a bit of … Continue reading

Ruby Class method to test for truth

I needed to test for truth in a Ruby class in my Chef LWRP cookbook and I wanted to use the question mark (?). Simple way to do it in a resource library: Now in the provider I can do: … if @new_resource.jdk_reinstall? … This is just a snippet reminder, if someone wants more context … Continue reading

SSH Jump Script

This is a script I use to jump to different servers I manage. I wrote this script because a lot of the time I’m connected to one or more VPN’s and DNS name resolution isn’t always possible. I also might want to use different usernames or host keys, or setup a SSH tunnel. This script … Continue reading