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SmartOS Zones Cookbook

I just recently started a Chef Cookbook for Joyent SmartOS Zone creation. WIP can be found here Still have a few things to add to it, deleting zones, cleanup methods, multiple nic interface support, but it should create zones currently, still need to test the KVM resource. Any comments or code suggestions are welcomed. Advertisements

pfSense on SmartOS KVM Zone

I just recently got pfSense running on a SmartOS KVM zone. Here’s what I had to do: NOTE: On SmartOS you can tab complete the Zone ID (ZID) in most the commands below, so no need to copy/paste it, just remember the first few uniq characters a zone starts with and you can tab complete … Continue reading

SmartOS, Project Fifo and Bind

At work we have been looking at using SmartOS for a skunk works project to test disaster recovery/flash back for Oracle DB using SmartOS and ZFS snapshots. One really nice frontend for SmartOS is Project Fifo. While offically it doesn’t support the current release of SmartOS, I have had issues running the recommended version of … Continue reading